Dr. Jay Humphrey grew up in Abilene, TX, and moved to Dallas as a junior in high school.  Dr. Humphrey is married with three children.  He and his wife Kimmie have 2 sons, Kingston and Mixon, and a daughter named Ryan.  Dr. Humphrey graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in 2007, and has been Board Certified since beginning practice.  In addition to common neck, back, and extremity pain, Dr. Humphrey specializes in sports related injuries and the rehab that follows.  Dr. Humphrey's success in treating sports injuries is derived from his experience playing football and suffering through many injuries that are a part of the game.  After being an All-American offensive lineman at the University of Texas, Dr. Humphrey played 5 years with the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers.  Suffice it to say, he spent a considerable amount of time in treatment rooms with various ailments.  While experiencing lower back pain during his sophomore year at Texas, he was introduced to Chiropractic.  He was shocked and amazed at how much better he was feeling overall with frequent and consistent treatment during the season.  After finishing his professional football career, he was so fascinated by his own chiropractic testimony that he decided to pursue chiropractic school.  Dr. Humphrey mixes adjusting techniques such as Diversified and Applied Kinesiology with Corrective Therapy to create the optimum, unique healing protocol for each individual patient.   

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